AR500 Steel Target Review

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AR500 Steel Targets Of the different types of steel used to make targets, the AR500 is one of the best steels for use as a target.  Why?  AR500 is one of the most impact and abrasion resist alloys available.  I’m … Continued

DIY Homemade Target Stand

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  In my opinion, having a firearm for personal or home defense is a good idea.  I understand that not everyone feels the same way and I agree that a firearm isn’t for everyone.   But if you’re going to have … Continued

DIY Tactical Gun Belt

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DIY Tactical Gun Belt Here’s a great way to carry your AR-15 magazines and a pistol at your favorite shooting grounds without buying a whole another rig.  I came up with this solution because when I go shooting at the … Continued

Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24mm rifle scope – AR15 optics Part 2

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So it’s been awhile since I tested the KonusPro 1.5-6x44mm scope and in that time, I hit the internet again in search for the ideal scope for my needs.  I just want a scope that has illuminated reticles, some sort … Continued

KonusPro M30 1.5-6x44mm rifle scope by Konus Optics – AR15 optics Part 1

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Regardless of the time in history, both the early and modern humans have had to defend themselves against predators of all sorts.  Be it man-eating dinosaurs, enemy combatants, or zombies, man’s need for effective self-defense is ever present.  If your … Continued

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