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About 30,000 years ago, people found ways to capture memories of what they saw (or imagined) onto various object using different means.  Some drew on cave walls while others sketched onto dinosaur bones.  However these primitive artists did it, the purpose for doing it remains the same as today’s artists: to share with others, both in the present and the future.  Unfortunately, we at Modern Bushman are not talented artists and, therefore, require specialized tools to create what others have created with nothing more than what they found locally.  Nevertheless, our purpose remains the same as of those of the past.

So how does this photo gallery relate to self-reliance and survival?  Mostly, it allows us to share more photos than we can include in a blog post.  More photos mean more information can be conveyed, further illustrating the intent of said blog post.  Aside from that, we just figured we’d share whatever we saw with whoever was interested.

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Bushman are known travelers, covering much ground in search of food and as well as knowledge.  As for the rest of us, travel may be for different reasons, but the experiences gained in the joy of discovery and learning how other cultures do things remain the same.

2011 Self Reliance Expo, UT

Here are some of the pictures we took at the 2011 Self Reliance Expo, held in Salt Lake City, UT. Although I heard that there were more vendors and attendees at the Colorado show, the Salt Lake City show had a great turn out.

In the Field

Sometimes, the best way to learn and test yourself is to just get out there and do it. This album contains images of our field trials. From these trips we learn whether something works or doesn't and helps us identify our "sustains" and "needs improvements".

Self Reliance

Being able to provide for ourselves is quickly becoming a thing of the past. We depend on municipal utilities to give us power, gas, and water. We rely on our supermarkets to provide us with food. Let's not forget the skills that got us here. With a little help, we can teach each other the fundamentals for self reliance and keep that knowledge going.

Survival Skills

We are not expert survivalists, however, that doesn't stop us from trying to learn the skills. That said, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Regardless, it's all part of the experience and whenever we can, we photograph it and post it here. Enjoy the photos of our trials!

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  1. Jphn, nice review on the knife. I ike what you guys have going on here. Thanks again for the email links and the ideas. Ill see you next time at work.

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